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Dogging Cheshire

Cheshire is a great place to live, work and find someone who shares the same kink as you! If you’re a naughty dogger looking to meet your match, be put through your paces and enjoy casual car park hook ups, the Cheshire Dogging Site could be the best place for you! Cheshire has lots of greenery, forestry and opportunities to hide in plain site and doggers love the freedom and rural feel to their escapades - and they also love finding new doggers to show it’s done!

Dogging is a kink that gets many hot under the collar and it’s one that has a huge membership in lovely, leafy Cheshire! Doggers often get a high from being seen having sex in public, they love showing off to each other and putting each other through their paces. They love to share, take over and frolic in discreet spots - and Cheshire has many spots that are well-loved amongst the dogging community. If you’re wanting to meet people who will push you to the edge of public pleasure and have you climaxing over the bonnet of their car, you’re in the right place!

You’ve got nothing to lose - if you want to explore the kinky dogging scene in your local town, you can do so easily! If you’re open to sharing partners and enjoying no strings attached car park fun then you’re good to go! You can use this site to search for doggers that tickle your pickle easily. Simply search for them by things like their appearance, their location, how much they earn and what gets them all fired up! Join now to get your dogging heaven going!

Dogging Locations in Cheshire

  1. Edgar's Park , Address: Edgar's Field, Chester, CH4 7JE. An up and coming dogging hot spot!
  2. Duke's Drive, Address: Duke's Drive, Cheshire, Cheshire, CH4 7CE. Wait by the first bench for the best requests
  3. Orford Bowling Club, Address: To the rear of School Road, School Road, Orford, Warrington, Cheshire, England. Next to Blackburn Arms car park - a good mix of males and females
  4. Handbridge Park, Address: Handbridge Park, Cheshire, CH4. great for bringing plus ones!
Dogging In Cheshire

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